Goodwin Well & Water was the First Water Well Contractor in the Country to use Hydrofracking.

Now a widely used technique in the water well industry, hydrofracking is a well development process that increases the flow of water from a bedrock well by increasing the size and extent of the bedrock fractures that bring water into the well. The procedure involves subjecting the bedrock formation to water pressure sufficiently high enough to either extend existing bedrock fractures, or create new fractures. If these new fractures connect to existing water bearing fractures, the yield of the well will be increased. Hydrofracking is sometimes a more cost effective alternative than drilling deeper.

Hydrofracturing was originally developed in the oil fields to increase the yield of oil wells. In the late 1970’s we developed a method of “hydrofracking” water wells that was both effective and economical. We were the very first water well drilling contractor in the USA to use this method regularly on bedrock water wells and were invited to present our technique to the water well industry at the National Water Well Convention in Baltimore, Maryland in 1982. Since that time, hydrofracking has become widely used in the water well industry as an effective alternative to drilling wells deeper.

The particular hydrofracturing methods used by water well drillers today are many and varied. In our opinion, too many contractors use methods, which are easy, and relatively inexpensive, but not as effective. At Goodwin Well & Water, we are constantly refining our hydrofracking methods, based on many years of experience, to provide our customers with the most economical supplies of good quantity water.