Well Rehabilitation

Well rehabilitation is the restoring of a well to its most efficient condition.

There are many reasons why a well may not be performing as it should. The aquifer, which supplies the water to the well may be compromised; the well design or construction could be flawed; the water quality could be poor. Environmental factors could be at play. For example, iron bacteria incrustation can develop and plug up the water bearing fractures. The plugs in the fractures would prevent the flow of water out of the well, thereby reducing the well’s water yield.

At Goodwin Well and Water, we know how to “clean up” a well and return it to its peak efficiency. In some cases, we deploy an acid product to eliminate iron bacteria. In other cases, hydrofracking is necessary when current water bearing fractures become blocked.

If you would like to learn more about our well rehabilitation capabilities, email us or gives us a call at 207-224-7861.