What is Geothermal?

A natural and renewable resource, geothermal energy is heat from the earth. The sun heats the earth to a nearly constant 45-70 degrees year round. Geothermal energy can be harnessed through geothermal heating and cooling systems to warm a home in the winter and cool it in the summer.

How does geothermal heating work?

Geothermal heating requires a looped well system installed just below the surface of the earth. A water solution flowing through the well’s piping in the ground absorbs heat from the ground in winter and transfers it to a geo-exchange system inside the building. There, the heat is concentrated and transferred to air circulating through the interior to provide warmth on the harshest winter days. In summer, the process is reversed. The system extracts heat from the interior air and transfer it to the ground by way of the ground loop piping.

Inside the house, the geothermal heat pump uses a refrigerant to heat the air inside the home during the winter, and in the summer it extracts heat from the air inside the home.

There are 3 different types of geothermal loop systems: Standing ColumnClosed-Loop and Open-to-Recycle. Goodwin Well & Water is a Standing Column, Closed-loop and Open-to-recycle accredited geothermal well contractor.