Open-to-recycle Systems

What is an Open-to-recycle well?

An Open-to-recycle geo-exchange well typically involves two shallow, high yield wells. A submersible pump is set into one well, which pumps waters from that well through the geothermal heat pumps. All of the water is then discharged back into the aquifer in the second well. This well can also be used to supply domestic water in addition to geothermal.

Benefits of an Open-to-recycle System

Open-to-recycle geo-exchange systems are the least expensive, most energy efficient option in geo-exchange.*

* These systems are also the most rare geo-exchange option because they require two wells that produce a high flow of water at reasonably shallow depths.


Here is a diagram of an Open-to-Recycle geothermal well system. The water is pumped from one well up through the geothermal heat pump and then discharged into a second well in the same aquifer. This requires two high yield wells and is the most efficient geothermal system.