Residential Pump Systems

Residential pump systems can provide your home with constant, excellent pressure and flow of water if they are properly sized to meet your particular water needs. Likewise, if they are also constructed of good quality materials and installed with quality craftmanship, they should be expected to last for 25 or more years without major repairs.

What size system is right for you?
We recommend that each water pump system be custom-sized to meet your particular needs. The components that need to be properly sized are the water pump, the pump motor and the storage tank.

Water Pump
The size of the water pump that you will need will depend upon the number of water-using fixtures you want to run at the same time with good flow and pressure. If you want to use three fixtures at the same time – say your kitchen faucet, your dish washer and your washing machine, for example – your water pump will need to be larger than if you only want to run two fixtures together.

Pump Motor
Once you know the size of the pump you need, the horsepower is determined by how deep the pump will be set in the well. The larger the pump size and greater the setting depth, the larger the horsepower you need.

Storage Tank
The size of the storage tank, more than any other consideration, will determine how long your pump motor and controls last before experiencing failure. If your storage tank is too small, your pump will start and stop too frequently, resulting in premature failure.
Many systems are installed today for residential homes with inadequate storage tanks because the contractor wants to reduce his cost. However, the result is that too many homeowners experience premature failure of their systems.