Our Guarantee

Water that just works.

You deserve a water supply that you can count on. As the leading water well contractor in Maine, Goodwin Well & Water, Inc., is known for standing behind its systems and its people with the best service and guarantees. Our water systems are constructed to meet the highest industry standards to assure you of a safe and dependable supply of water.

Well Warranty

Goodwin Well & Water guarantees that the well casing in residential bedrock wells is tightly sealed into the bedrock and that no surface water will pass through the seal into the well. If at any time, the casing seal fails for any reason other than impact or movement by a person or object, Goodwin Well & Water will repair the well free of charge.

Service Warranty

Goodwin Well & Water guarantees that the company will provide “same day” emergency repair service to any GWW residential customer who is out of water and for whom the company has installed a complete water system, including both well and pump system. “Same day” service is defined as service rendered the same calendar day – before 7 p.m. – that Goodwin Well & Water is contacted by a customer. The customer will be charged overtime rates for “same day” service. If Goodwin Well & Water fails to provide “same day” service, the company will provide the labor for the service call at no charge. If a customer decides he/she would like GWW to provide service the following day at regular service rates, GWW will extend its warranty to the following work day.